Development & Maintenance

The first page of any website where the visitor reaches to checkout your products or services is a landing page. The home page of the website or any targeted page used in Ads to bring visitors to the website is considered a landing page.

Any page on the website other than the landing page is considered an internal page. Pages like About Page, Contact Page, Team Page, Services Page, Pricing Page, etc. are internal pages. If you have doubts about the distinction between a landing page & an internal page, just ask our live support team & we shall help you out with it.

No, there are no setup or hidden charges. What you see while checking out is what you pay.

You can send across a request for code quality using the contact form at the end of the page and our team shall reach out to you via email with some sample codes.

On average, coding 1 landing page takes approx 3-5 days & 1 inner page takes 2-3 days. If the project queue is empty, it will be done sooner.

Each page plan enables you to get the specified page height. If your page height exceeds the limit than you have to buy multiple plans.

We require the source file of the design, credentials of the tool in which the landing page or website will be built with the licenses bought and installed.

You get 100% ownership of the designs and codes the moment we deliver them to you. You can use these designs and codes as you seem fit.

You are expected to provide us with credentials to your panel where all licenses, plugins, and themes are installed. If you require our help, we can guide you on how to get them done, but you are expected to pay for the requisites.

No, we do not develop themes currently.

No, we do not support development in React at the moment. If you require React development, use the contact form below to let us know and we shall add it to our roadmap.

Yes, we can help you design the pages too. Get over a call with our team here.

No, we do not support backend development currently.

Yes, we can help you integrate a payment gateway to your website.

Yes, we can help you integrate third-party plugins.

Yes, we make your website responsive across all popular browsers & devices.

Yes, we can help you fix your website if it is already designed & developed.

No, we do not support Tailwind CSS currently.

Yes, we support Bootstrap within the development.

No, we do not support SaaS/SCSS development currently.

No, we do not support PHP development currently. If you require PHP development, use the contact form below to let us know and we shall add it to our roadmap.

Yes, we can help you set up your website from scratch. Get over a call with our team here.

No, we do not support Gitlab/Github currently.

Yes, we can help you in setting up the emails for your website.

Yes, we can help you setup the SSL certificate for your website.

Currently we are only supporting WordPress platform in maintenance. If you require any other platform that needs to be maintained, you can reach out to our team with your requirement and we shall definitely consider it in our roadmap.

Any changes related to replacing the existing content on the website can be done. You will have to provide us with all the content & the places where this content is supposed to be updated.

We will monitor your website 24/7 to ensure that it is always up and running smoothly. If it goes down for some reason that we can fix, we shall fix it for you.

We keep a timely check of plugins that you have used and update them once they reach a stable version that will not break any other connected plugins & features.

For some reason if there is some uncertainty in the future resulting in your website not working as expected, we shall help you to fix it.

We will be using speed optimizing plugins to ensure that your website loads faster.

If you need any additional features on your website, our team of professionals is always available to guide you through it.

If some plugins or browser updates lead to breaking of you website, we fix it for you. This does not cover making the full website responsive from scratch if you haven’t done it during development.

We ensure that your website is always protected from Viruses, Malwares or any other attacks.


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